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Posted by Damian Leonard Feb 12, 2020 12:44:52 PM

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This week we got up early and braved Storm Dennis to attend an Introduction to Podcasting session with Vic Elizabeth Turnbull, Founder and CEO of MIC Media (@SilentVic on Twitter).

In this session, we picked up some top tips on podcasting, from the pre-production considerations including concept, skillset and cover art to the ultimate post-production question: How do I get my podcast onto streaming services??

The first piece of advice given to us was probably the most important – listen to podcasts.

Of those in attendance, 60% wanted to set up their own but only 41% actually listened to podcasts. You wouldn’t set up a cheese company if you’d only ever tried a light cheddar, so it’s important you try out all the variations of cheese (podcasts) to find out what works for you. 

So, here are the main considerations before you undertake your podcast journey.



Consider what the point of your podcast is going to be. Why does it exist? You need to nail this before moving on.

  • Will it make you an influencer or thought leader?
  • Will it bring you new business?
  • Do you want to market your brand?
  • Are you trying to reach new audiences or just your existing one?

You need to work out who you’re targeting and why you’re targeting them, and then create a podcast concept that will speak to them and engage their interests.

Without these considerations, the objective of your podcast won’t be clear and you might not get the ROI you want. Remember, when you speak to everybody, you speak to no one.

Other key things to consider include:

  • Equipment/studio – You can either buy your own equipment or book into a recording studio – it all depends on your budget and editing/recording skills
  • Who’s on the podcast team? - Who’s the interviewer, the editor, the marketeer etc.
  • Guest list and questions – If you’re inviting guests, get them all lined up and confirmed before you start marketing your podcast
  • Research – You can’t invite guests and not know anything about them. An interviewer must know their stuff!
  • Scripts – It’s helpful to have a vague script with you so you know what topics to hit and when
  • Release scheme – How often do you publish a new podcast and will you have enough content?
  • Cover art – What is your podcast’s brand? It should be something clean but memorable



There are three key things you need when creating your podcast – you need a microphone, you need something to store the recording, and you need something to edit the podcast on.

At its simplest form, you could use your phones and laptops, but the more professional sounding you want it to be, the more advance the equipment you’ll need.

To record you can use something as simple as a Zoom Recorder, or something as advanced as a SubZero interview pack.

To edit, you just need Audacity on your laptop – it’s a free software for Mac and PC.



Once you’ve recorded and edited your audio, it’s time to distribute your podcast across the world via podcast catchers!

Spotify, Audible, Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts – there are countless streaming services, and some of these apps (like Apple Podcasts) are already installed on your phone!

So how do you get on these apps?

You just need to upload your audio to a host (Audioboom, Simplecast etc).

These hosts will then generate a unique URL for your podcast and split it out across the key podcast players. Some hosts are better, and offer improved reporting tools, however these naturally slightly more expensive. Again, it’s down to budget and personal preference.

You just need to give the host as much information about your podcast including title, description, topic etc and it will feed that into the platform i.e. Apple Podcasts, Spotify etc.


How to market your podcast?

If you’re a brand, you probably already have your fans. You have social media channels, email databases, groups that you’re a part of. Send it out far and wide to all these audiences.

You should remarket your podcast too – chop it up into bite-sized pieces, turn it into a blog, upload it onto YouTube, create an infographic out of it. Maximise the podcasts reach by leveraging these options.


And that’s it!

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