Get the most out of your social media at MIPIM 2017

Posted by Damian Leonard Mar 14, 2017 10:49:14 AM

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As MIPIM draws slowly closer, you’re going to want to have a social media plan to ensure you look relevant, attract attention from potential new contacts and can share your insights on the property event of the year.

If you’re an avid social user, you’ll know that staying up-to-date and creating engaging and relevant content is pretty much a full-time job, so here’s some helpful advice to keep the pressure low and the interest high.


Schedule SOME posts in advance

Time to get planning. If you know what you want to say and what you’ll be attending in advance, and your content is ready to go, then get some posts scheduled using some really handy social media management tools. Most tools will allow you to post from a number of different platforms and profiles so you can connect with and reach out to audiences from all of your social channels.


Find and interact with the MIPIM conversation

To discover the most from MIPIM on social media you need to utilise the correct hashtags and follow the right people.

To do this, you can do a social media search and look at hashtags such as #MIPIM2017 and #mcrmipim. If you’re using one of the social media management tools mentioned above you can even save the search, letting you access the latest updates about MIPIM straight away.



Create some good content to share

If you’re keen on being seen as an industry expert on all things MIPIM, you may have already started creating some online content, including blog posts and infographics. If you’re hosting these on your website, use your social media to market your content – by using best practice inbound strategies or paid-for boosted content you’ll gain a lot of traffic both to your blog posts and to your website, increasing business enquires ahead of MIPIM.


Video is going to play a bigger and bigger part at MIPIM in the years to come, so try to include as much as you can. The YouTube Director app for iPhone offers a range of video templates with easy to follow instructions to help your video look professional.


Have a dedicated MIPIM person at home

You’re going to be busy at MIPIM. Very busy. Make sure you have someone back in the office who’s able to keep a reactive presence on your social accounts, can speak for the company in a professional and thoughtful manner and engages with content that others are posting. This way, you can be present at MIPIM, whilst still remaining present online. It’s a win win.

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And that’s it

If you have any hints or tips about how to manage your social whilst at MIPIM, comment below. Alternatively, if you wish to meet up with Managing Director, Lisa Morton, or Head of Media, Alex Bell, at MIPIM, contact us and get a meeting booked.


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