How to get engagement for your property scheme

Posted by Damian Leonard Aug 31, 2017 3:35:14 PM

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Whether you’re running a commercial or a residential scheme, the end goal is always the same – to entice new residents and tenants. We’re living in the age of new builds, with high rises taking over the skyline and new must-have plots coming onto the market, so it’s imperative that you make your scheme stand out from the rest.

In this blog we’ll be looking at the best ways to ensure your scheme gets the engagement it deserves, from traditional media to online takeovers!


Start building an online presence

First thing’s first – work out what social media channels your scheme requires. If it’s residential, your best bets are Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, with the former two being used for paid social advertising. These three channels are where your target audience will be and you’re much more likely to get greater engagement.

If your scheme is commercial, we’d suggest initially creating a Twitter profile as a tool for place-making and brand awareness as it has a strong presence of both personal and business accounts. Once you’re ready to start reaching out to possible tenants, set up a LinkedIn account which you can then use to advertise your office space.

With your accounts set up, it’s time to follow relevant accounts that will be interested in your scheme – read our latest blog on the golden rules of getting more social followers for advice on how to do this.


Team up with local establishments


Following on from building your online presence, you should get to know your neighbours. Whether you’re next door to an independent coffee shop or a large restaurant chain, you should try and partner up with them on your social channels to increase engagement for your scheme.

Try and arrange a meeting with the marketing managers of any neighbouring establishments and create a strategy that ensures you’re sharing their posts and vice versa. This will help introduce you to their followers and grow your reach and brand awareness.


Offer incentives and shout about them

If you want to go one step further, you can physically combine forces on top of the social strategy. For example, if you have a commercial scheme and you want to improve tenant happiness, you can invite a neighbouring coffee shop into your space to sell coffee and give out discounts – this will ensure they get extra business and your tenants are appeased.

Follow this through with a social media strategy in which you shout about the partnership online, take photos on the day and pass out your social handles to ensure tenants tweet and Instagram about the free coffee they got at work!


Put a good media strategy in place


And of course, you shouldn’t forget about traditional media. Ensure that any exciting news about your development is sent out to relevant media contacts and placed into publications that your target audience will be reading.

For example, if you’re running a residential scheme in Manchester and you’re looking for residents, you should inform the MEN and Manchester Confidential about newsworthy occurrences that showcase your scheme in a good light. MEN readers will likely be your target audience, so chances are you’ll see higher visitor traffic to your website after some well-placed coverage.


And that’s it!

That’s just a little taster on how to get engagement for your scheme. There are countless platforms you could be using to really engage with your target audience, both online and offline, so make sure you’re utilising them!

If you want to explore this a little bit further, get in touch with us at Roland Dransfield to find out how we can help you. Don’t forget to follow us on Twitter and Instagram to stay up-to-date on all things PR and marketing.


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