Marketing your brand in Manchester: Networking

Posted by Damian Leonard Sep 25, 2017 11:20:54 AM


One of the key ways to ensure you maintain a healthy flow of business in a city like Manchester is through connections.

Whether it’s someone you’ve known for a long time who hands you a new lead or a current client who puts you in touch with someone who needs your services, your chances of new business will drastically increase in correlation with your number of new contacts.

One of the best ways to make new business contacts in the city is through networking, and Manchester is renowned for its successful and unique networking events.

Here are some of the best networking events to attend in Manchester to help you market your brand and generate new business:


Pro-Business Curry Club

The Pro-Business Curry Club is a unique way to build business relationships within Manchester if you’re planning on north shoring to the city. Held on a monthly basis, the event welcomes all types of businesses to come and sit down for a 3-course meal, drinks and some professional networking.

During the meal, you’ll get to meet like-minded professionals who are looking to generate new business and make new contacts. Each event has a guest speaker who will discuss their success, and the path they took to achieve it within Manchester.

The event takes place on the last week of each month, and pre-booking is advised due to its huge popularity in the city.


Suits & Vinyl

Join guest DJ Clint Boon for a networking event full of professionals, where you will instantly have something in common with every person in the room – an enthusiasm for vinyl!

You don't have to wear a suit for work to join in. You don't even have to turn up with any vinyl under your arm. But it helps. All that is required is to have a passion for music (pre X Factor!) and a love of business.

This event is run by us at Roland Dransfield three times a year – keep your eyes peeled on our Twitter to find out when the next one is!


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The Manchester Business Breakfast Club

The Manchester Business Breakfast Club (MBBC) touts itself as the most cost-effective way of growing or raising your business profile. It'll give you a new perspective of your business and ideas about how you can improve the way your business performs.

The first two meetings are totally free, followed by a monthly cost thereafter if you find the event useful enough. With your membership, you receive a free online listing and promotion of your business on social media – both of which will really help market your brand in Manchester.

If you are interested in attending, the club meets every Friday at 7am in The Manchester Tennis & Racquet Club.


Northern Links Networking

Northern Links networking always attracts a friendly crowd looking to make new connections in a relaxed and sociable environment – perfect for a company that’s just north shored to Manchester.

So, what better way to meet some of Manchester's top business professionals than over a few rounds of bowling?

Northern Links Networking takes place in Dog Bowl Manchester, one of the city’s most popular bowling alleys, so you can have fun, get competitive and talk business!

And as with all good networking events, there’s free food and drinks on arrival.


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Networking is a fantastic way to market your brand in Manchester, and the few we mentioned are just the tip of the ice berg!

If you’re north shoring and have any queries about networking in Manchester, download our brand new ebook and find out exactly how to market your brand in Manchester.

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