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Posted by Sasha Gill Oct 21, 2019 2:59:36 PM

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When it comes to brand marketing there are plenty of platforms to make use of, and Reddit and Snapchat’s new collaboration is another exciting new gateway for coverage.

Since Reddit’s inception in 2005, users have loved the content and discussion driven forum. As of 2018, there were approximately 330 million ‘redditors’ who visited the website daily in order to find out the latest news and supply their own content.

However, despite Reddit being one of the most visited websites in the world, there has been concern in recent years over the content getting reshared on other social platforms - such as meme pages - without the appropriate accreditation.

So on Monday the 14th of October, Reddit officially announced it was teaming up with Snapchat to elevate the sharing of its content whilst simultaneously being credited. This is the first time Reddit has developed a native social share option in complete partnership with another app.


So, what does this mean for Snapchat users?

As a result of this collaboration, Snapchat users will be able to post suitable Reddit links and share with fellow snapchatters. The most exciting and up to date posts therefore will be credited and more widely shared through the popular app and will be available to all iOS users, with Android still in development.


How it works?

For those who have snapchat downloaded, they will now be able to simply tap the ‘share’ icon on an image, text or link-based post on Reddit’s iOS app and select the Snapchat option. They would then have the option to send it to individual friends or pop it onto their story so everyone can see it.

Furthermore, if the Reddit mobile app is also installed the viewer can simply swipe up on the Snap to visit the origin post in the Reddit mobile app, cleverly driving traffic to Reddit’s website.


Who else will benefit from this collaboration?

With these new social sharing capabilities, Reddit content will undoubtedly gain more readership. Therefore, brands and businesses that gain custom and brand awareness through the app – including Ikea and Nissan - will also gain way more exposure. And with 191 million Snapchat users, you’re certainly opening yourself up to a strong and committed audience. So what do you think – is there a way you can maximise upon this brand-new social media partnership? 


And that’s it!

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