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Top 5 video campaigns

Posted by Damian Leonard

Feb 3, 2017 3:30:56 PM


It’s no secret that video is taking over the internet – it accounts for 74% of online consumption in 2017. A video is able to positively activate people’s emotional responses in a very small window of time, and as such they’re a great way to drum up business and get your brand name out to your intended audience.


Topics: PR, Content Marketing, video marketing

5 Typical Content Marketing Mistakes Made By Property Companies

Posted by Kay Stevens

Mar 8, 2016 11:18:35 AM


The transition from traditional marketing to inbound marks a paradigm shift in the business world and it’s therefore easy to understand why many property companies fall foul of some of these common pitfalls.

To help you sidestep these, below we’ve looked at some of the most typical mistakes made by newcomers and the best ways to prevent or fix such situations.


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Content Marketing for the Property Sector

Posted by Kay Stevens

Mar 4, 2016 10:30:40 AM


Content marketing simply describes the practice of attracting qualified leads by appealing to them via ‘organic’ search, social media and good old fashioned word of mouth with quality, original content that speaks to their needs, desires and pain points.

While improving search visibility is a key benefit of content marketing, if the content itself isn’t up to scratch, generating all the traffic in the world won’t be of much use to you. There’s no way to ‘game the system’ when it comes to producing engaging content that your target audience will actively seek out, enjoy and share.  

Moves in this direction are something of a double-edged sword. They’ve made the process of SEO (search engine optimisation) somewhat easier to understand and put more power in the hands of people that might not necessarily have a raft of technical expertise. However, to be successful, property companies must now focus on gearing themselves toward frequently producing genuinely interesting and engaging content that captures the attention of their key demographics.


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Content marketing for commercial property agents: Creating compelling content that'll bring in occupiers

Posted by Kate Healey

Aug 5, 2015 10:30:00 AM


contentmarketingforofficeagentsWith hundreds of potential commercial properties available at the click of a button, it's harder than ever for schemes to differentiate themselves from every other development in the market. 

Fortunately, few seem to take advantage of online avenues and the number one way to set yourself apart on the web is by publishing content that out-performs that of your competitors. 

In this guide, we'll offer some top tips on creating relevant content that will pique the interest of potential occupiers, as well as how to leverage these qualified leads and get them over the line and on the books.


Topics: Online Marketing, Content Marketing, commercial property

RDPR Shortlisted for Best Content Team - Prolific North Awards 2015

Posted by Gerald Heneghan

Apr 22, 2015 11:45:00 AM






We're absolutely over the moon to announce that we've been shortlisted for Best Content team in the Prolific North Awards 2015.


Topics: Prolific North, Content Marketing, awards

Why You Should Write Longer Blog Posts (And How To Do It Properly)

Posted by Gerald Heneghan

Mar 25, 2015 5:52:00 PM


BloggingWhen introducing newcomers to content marketing, one of the biggest hurdles to overcome is the belief that their customers have neither the time, nor inclination, to delve into a lengthy blog post.
Despite what your own reading habits and conventional wisdom might suggest, long-form blog posts – among other types of content – are the most successful format on the internet.
In this guide, we'll explore why readers gravitate towards longer blog posts, how you can emulate the best performers and offer advice on how to go about producing long-form content that engages your key audiences.


Topics: Content Marketing, copywriting, blogging, content

Why content is social

Posted by Gerald Heneghan

Jan 9, 2015 3:09:06 PM


better_writing_doesnt_mean_quicker_writing-Speak the words 'social media' and many newcomers envisage staple sites like Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn.

But did you know content can also be social? In this guide, we'll explain why this important facet of online marketing is often unfairly lumped in solely with SEO (search engine optimisation) and offer guidance on how best to incorporate the content your produce into your social networking efforts.


Topics: Digital Marketing, Content Marketing, Social media tools

Neglected News: Why most companies misuse their website's news section

Posted by Gerald Heneghan

Aug 20, 2014 12:59:00 PM


3438401204_40086c094f_o-916362-editedAlmost every company has a 'news' section on their website, but only a fraction of these are being utilised properly as a marketing asset. 

In this guide, I'll take a look at the paradigm that holds many businesses back in this regard and offer some advice on how to turn your neglected news into something worth reading, as well as an effective tool to boost your profile and SEO (search engine optimisation) in the long term. 


Topics: Content Marketing, News, website design

How to write better in 7 easy steps

Posted by Gerald Heneghan

Jul 10, 2014 1:00:00 PM


Content has been king for the best part of two decades now and its popularity shows no signs of relenting.

how_to_write_better_in_7_easy_steps_1Businesses that subscribe to content marketing attract roughly three times as many leads as those that don't and enjoy a conversion rate almost six times higher than non-adopters.

And while you've certainly got to be in it to win it, unlike a primary school egg and spoon race, simply taking part won't earn you any medals. Producing sufficient levels of tailored, effective and engaging content in a timely manner are commonly cited as some of the biggest challenges for marketers, particularly in the field of B2B.

Content shouldn't be confused with copy, however, and while the likes of video, visual and other types of rich media are on the up - written articles remain a steadfast favourite for newcomers and veterans alike.

In this guide, I'll tap into the experience I've gained after spending the best part of a decade in the field as a professional writer and reveal my one sure-fire method for producing better content that attracts leads and delights your prospects.


Topics: Content Marketing, copywriting, content

SEO for the Property Sector Part Four: Content

Posted by Gerald Heneghan

Jul 3, 2014 2:14:00 PM


If you've paid any interest to the world of digital marketing in the past few years, you're likely to be as sick as I am of the phrase 'Content is King'. However, the role content plays in SEO for property companies is undeniably important. Content_is_king_in_seo_for_property-450192-edited

In this section of our guide, we'll delve into the affect content can have on where your site appears in search results, discuss best practice and address some of the most popular misconceptions surrounding the field.


Topics: Content Marketing, SEO, SEO for property,

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