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What do property journalists want to see in a press release?

Posted by Joanna Craig

May 17, 2017 11:55:32 AM


When writing a press release for any niche sector, it’s important to keep your audience in mind. For property journalists, the requirements for your press release totally depend on what type of development you’re covering.


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Press release writing: Why it pays to bin the baggage

Posted by Lisa Morton

Oct 6, 2015 5:38:06 PM


If you've invested in PR, you've bought into the concept that unbiased, third-party coverage is just as, if not more, valuable than shouting your key messages in an ad.

One common pitfall that many newcomers, and even veterans, fall foul of is trying to have the best of both worlds – littering their press releases with ad-style copy that adds little to the news that's being conveyed.

In this guide, we'll present four compelling reasons why it pays to bin the baggage when it comes to your press releases.


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Press release writing: What NOT to do

Posted by Lisa Morton

Sep 29, 2014 1:37:00 PM


Press release writing is one of the most important disciplines within PR, but far too many newcomers fall afoul of common mistakes that can be easily avoided.

To help you get the most out of your releases, we've put together this handy infographic example - illustrating some of the most typical mistakes made by those producing their first press release. 


Topics: media relations, press releases, Infographics

PR for SMEs: What is a Press Release?

Posted by Suzy Simpson

May 30, 2014 11:00:00 AM

Press releases are the bread and butter of PR, but we in the industry can sometimes assume that everyone knows the ins and outs of this staple.
Many SMEs, particularly those graduating from start-up status, won't have been exposed to the workings of this PR fundamental, so in this guide, we'll look at where press releases come from, how they're distributed and how they turn into coverage for a business.

Topics: PR, News, Advertising, press releases, SMEs, distribution, online press

PR for start-ups: Getting the most out of your efforts

Posted by Clare Coyne

Apr 22, 2014 11:17:40 AM


PR_for_startups_via_umipAllan Prits is Head of Corporate Communications, Media and PR for UMIP, The University of Manchester's agent for Intellectual Property (IP) commercialisation. UMIP helps turn the results of world-leading research from the University into world-beating businesses, products and services which it achieves through the sale of IP or through licensing or spinning out companies.

In this guest blog, Allan looks at how PR support over the past ten years has helped not only launch spin-out companies and their first products or services but also further develop their profiles both on and offline. He gives some simple tips and advice.


Topics: PR, marketing, press releases, small businesses, SMEs

Press release writing for SMEs: Four key ingredients for success

Posted by Suzy Simpson

Apr 16, 2014 11:00:00 AM

A client win, an internal promotion or appointment, a new service, or even a profit loss – whatever your news, a press release is often one of the most effective ways for an SME to communicate the stories it wants to share in with its key audiences.
In this guide, we'll help SMEs dodge the press release pitfalls that waylay even the largest of companies and break down some of the barriers that prevent your message getting out to the people that matter.

Topics: press releases, small business pr, SMEs

Write a B2B press release that generates coverage: 10 Top Tips

Posted by Suzy Simpson

Oct 29, 2013 4:17:00 PM


Writing a press release would seem on the surface to be a simple task and business owners can often be excused for thinking that it's something that can easily be produced without the use of a PR advisor (whether external or in-house), after all its just talking about your business, right?


The truth is, to write an effective business to business (B2B) press release that not only results in coverage but also helps to build relationships with journalists rather than hinder them is a skill and something which can take time to perfect.

In this guide, we'll examine the anatomy of the perfect release and give you some useful tips on how to structure and distribute a B2B press release for optimum results.


Topics: media relations, Communications, copywriting, B2B, press releases

Getting the most out of work experience at a Manchester PR Agency

Posted by Maria Murphy

Sep 23, 2013 11:55:00 AM


We're near-constantly inundated with applications for work experience placements at RDPR and have been blown away by the quality of interns we've taken on. To give a little back, and hopefully offer some insights into what it's like working at a busy Manchester PR agency, we've put together some top tips on getting the most out of a placement.


Topics: media relations, Digital Marketing, blogging, Work experience, Manchester PR Agency, press releases, PR and marketing

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