Semantic_search_and_voice_recognition_go_hand_in_handDespite being knee-deep in the 21st Century, we all-too-often complain about the lack of flying cars, jet packs and robot servants that attend to our every need. 

    While technology has certainly moved things forward, there's an obvious disparity between what we've got and what science fiction has led us to perceive we should have at this stage. We've made great strides in some areas - for instance our communications technology eclipses what Captain Kirk and co. fielded on away missions. 

    However, one issue that has always struck me as a gaping omission is the way we interact with computers. Why in this day and age are we still (mostly) tethered to a mouse and keyboard?

    In this article, we'll take a look at the past, present and future of voice recognition technology and investigate the implications this field has for search, marketing and the media in general.

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