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Posted by Damian Leonard May 3, 2017 4:24:48 PM

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Whether you have a huge library of content or simply post a couple of blog posts a month, there’s a strong chance you have copy that can be repurposed to give your site the exposure it deserves.

Repurposing content involves taking older content and rewriting/recreating it so that it’s relevant in today’s ever-changing world. There are several benefits of repurposing older content; in this blog, we talk you through why you should be repurposing content, and some of the main benefits in doing so.


Why should I repurpose my content?

If you wrote an article about the changing property market in 2015 and you’re still hoping to get hits on it, you have another thing coming. That content is outdated, and is probably just sitting on your site taking up space. People want to read content that is relevant and interesting, so you should be taking a look at all of your old content and deciding whether it has any relevance in 2017.

Once you’ve decided what content needs repurposed, review it and edit it so that it’s fit for purpose.

E.g. 2015 changing property market > 2017 property market movers and shakers.



What are the benefits?


By repurposing your content you’re reaching a whole new audience. Think of the number of new influencers that have entered your industry in the past 2-3 years – they will have never come across your old content because it’s outdated. By recreating your past work and making it relevant for today’s world, there’s a much greater chance you’ll find a new audience and new leads!

Additionally, the rules of SEO and content marketing are continuously changing – you may have optimised your work when you first created it, but that won’t help you now. When you’re updating your work, follow the latest rules of SEO and optimisation so your work can organically land in front of the right people.

Search engines also love evergreen (fresh) content, so updating old content and producing new content regularly will score you points with search engines and help you land on the front search engine results page.


Best ways to repurpose content

The easiest way to repurpose your current content is to rewrite it. It might only need some slight tweaks to keep it relevant or it might need to be changed entirely – assess the blog and its current topic, research what’s happening in the industry today and see if there’s a way that it can be repurposed in line with a current hot sector topic.

A better way to repurpose your content is by using video. Video is the most widely consumed online content format in the world right now, with a massive 74% majority, so it’s important you jump on the bandwagon!

It’s super easy to do as well – pick the content you want to repurpose, decide what video type suits the topic best (testimonial/commentary/live), turn it into a quick and easy-to-digest script and get filming!

iPhone video quality has come a very long way and there are countless free, straightforward editing apps that are just a download away, so there’s no excuse not to be utilising video in 2017. Check out our blog on creating video content for the property sector for some helpful hints and tips.

Google rewards content that is video focused, so by choosing a topic that’s relevant in your industry and creating a video commentary on it, you’re much more likely to get views, and subsequently hits to your website.


Utilise the current social landscape


It’s not enough to just repurpose your content and hope people find it – you should use your social channels to push it out to your audience. If your content was 2-3 years ago, there’s a strong chance you have a much larger social following now, with new social channels and new people to target.

Share your new content on all your social channels with a strong call to action to ensure your content is working as hard as possible.

Additionally, if you have the budget, put some paid advertising behind it. This will allow you to completely tailor your audience, ensuring you’re getting your content seen by your ideal target-base. Choose your target age, gender, profession and location and watch the visitors come rolling in. Give our blog a read on why paid advertising is so important in 2017 and how to utilise it fully!


And that’s it!

Do you have a mass of old content that needs some sprucing up? It can be quite the task, but you’ll reap the benefits once you start refreshing the old and making it new!

If you need some help bringing your old content into 2017, want to learn more about utilising video, or need help promoting your content across your social channels, get in touch. Don’t forget to follow us on Twitter and Instagram so you can be the first to find out about our latest blogs!


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