3 ways to create content in 2017

Posted by Damian Leonard Jul 13, 2017 4:39:51 PM

3 ways to create content in 2017

In this wonderful, online world that we’re currently inhabiting, content is constant. Whether you’re reading the news, watching a YouTube video or laughing at a tweet, you’re consuming content. It’s an unstoppable force.

Companies today need to join in on the content band-wagon to ensure their brand has its own voice and has something that consumers can digest and remember!

Content is no longer synonymous with the written word, it’s so much more. Here are 3 ways to create content in 2017, and make a name for yourself in your industry.


Interactive content

Content that engages people and allows them to join in is always a winner. Instead of writing a blog about how to create a buyer persona, why not make something interactive? Create a Buzzfeed-style questionnaire allowing people to answer some questions about their intended audience where the result is a fully realised consumer that fits your brand’s ideals.

Have you ever used an online calculator to work out how much tax you pay? That’s interactive content.

Have you ever done an online health and safety assessment for work? That’s interactive content.

There are countless ways that you can create your own interactive content at varying price levels. Check out Snapapp or Playbuzz and have a go at creating your own interactive content!



3 ways to create content in 2017

The holy grail of content in 2017. Video is the most consumed form of content this year, at a whopping 74%. If your company isn’t utilising video to push out its brand messages and create a wider audience-base, you’re going to fall behind.

It’s a recurring notion that companies who don’t use video tend to think that there isn’t a place for it in what they do, however there’s ALWAYS room for a video. Whether it’s Q&A interviews, testimonials, about us videos or frequent vlogs to teach your audience something new, you can always find something to point a camera at!

Video production is also cheaper than ever – most professional vloggers (who earn millions of pounds a year, might we add), simply use:

So that’s affordable equipment and a plethora of ideas. Get going!



Podcasts are huge this year. By simply typing “best podcasts of 2017” into Google, you get articles from GQ, Buzzfeed, Esquire and Vogue – four of the biggest names in pop culture and fashionable trends. If something is trending this much, it’s probably a good idea to join in on the noise!

Put 30 minutes away during your working day, sit down with some colleagues and discuss a topic that’s relevant and of interest to your audience. Once the podcast is complete, you can use a platform such as Rev to get your podcast transcribed and turned into a blog. Two pieces of content for the price of one!

Here’s a list of recommended equipment:

A Zoom recording device - £100

Blue Mic - £100 - $1 for every minute of your podcast (roughly $30/£23)


Are you ready for the content revolution?

Those are just 3 ways to create content in 2017 – the possibilities are endless! If your company needs a bit of help with your content creation, be sure to get in touch. Don’t forget to follow us on Twitter and Instagram so you can be the first to find out about our latest blogs!


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