• Crisis PR – Top 10 Best and Worst

    Posted by George Brown Sep 4, 2015 9:51:44 AM

    Topics: PR, Crisis communications


    A reputation is a delicate thing, which can take years to build up and mere moments to sully.

    And the way a company communicates with stakeholders and the general public during a crisis can be pivotal in determining whether it bounces back stronger than ever or is irrevocably tarnished by its response to the situation.

    In this post, we'll take a look at some of the best and worst examples of crisis communication and discover valuable lessons that these responses can impart.

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    H2_and_Manchester_PropertyOpinions are divided on HS2. Utter that fateful initialism and you're likely to be met with a range of reactions – from the apathetic and the enthusiastic to the outraged. 

    And more fuel is constantly being thrown on the fire as plans are amended and high-profile figures like Boris Johnson – who recently claimed that Crossrail 2 might be more beneficial for the economy - add their two cents to the debate. 

    But before we throw down our rail tickets in an act of defiance and sign up to Stop HS2, it's worth noting the several ways in which HS2 could enhance the north-west's economy and bolster our rapidly-recovering property sector.

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  • social_networks_are_important

    Whether it’s on television, online or print, we’re all exposed to relentless amounts of PR every day from companies trying to put their product in the best light possible. 

    Without question, the rise of social media in people’s lives on mobiles and tablets means that a greater amount of an organisation’s attention is placed on creating a successful Twitter/Facebook post.

    Achieving a substantial amount of views on one of these websites can be similiar to gaining front page on an established publication like the Finanicial Times. 

    This can be done via amusing pictures, engaging with their audiences in online conversation or even a public stunt, all which would be documented across several different online platforms. 

    Some companies have taken full advantage of this ever-growing way of reaching their audience with some brilliant PR campaigns in the last year, whereas some have fallen flat or not quite got the right message across.

    So without further ado, here’s our pick of the good and bad side of social media PR – ‘The Best and Worst Social Media PR Campaigns of 2014’.

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