Five ways to improve your Instagram engagement

Posted by Sasha Gill Nov 5, 2019 4:14:49 PM

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It goes without saying that social media now plays an integral part to the marketing strategy of many businesses. Through likes and shares, companies can get the exposure not many emails or hard copy headlines can get.

However, for many businesses their content and potential is often overlooked, especially when it comes to Instagram and their reliance on algorithms. It’s been discovered that only 10% of your audience will actually see your posts in their feed. Frustrating, right?

To try and simplify, this blog will cut out the haziness of an algorithm and set out the top five ways that your business can better engage with its audience on Instagram.


#1 Learning about the new Instagram algorithm

Remember the simple days when your Instagram feed would be full of photos in the order when they were posted?

Unfortunately those days are long gone. Instagram’s new algorithm means the photos appearing on user’s feeds are based on what the platform thinks you’re interested in. Therefore the more they think you’ll “like” the post the higher it appears on your feed.

This change brought a lot of challenges for brands and businesses looking to grow their engagement, but there is always a way.

The more attention, likes and comments a post gets the more likely it is to appear on the explore pages of many users. As a result, businesses need to ensure their posts are accessible, interesting and ENGAGING. The more likes and comments you receive the more people will see it, so focusing on what your audience will like in your posts is a must.

Posting consistently is also important. If you post more and get more likes it not only improves your engagement but tells the algorithm you’re a quality account, and will therefore appear on more peoples’ screens.


#2 The algorithm also determines your relationship with followers

This one is very straight forward - if you comment on and like more posts the algorithm is more likely to place you in the ‘friends and family’ category, meaning you’re likely to appear on your target audience’s feed.

So, make sure you comment on plenty of relevant profile posts and respond to your own comments and DMs if you want to see successful exposure on Instagram.

A tip for getting this done efficiently is creating more focused notifications on your settings. That way you can always make sure you are responding to every comment and stop them from building up.


#3 Timing is crucial

Not only does the new Instagram algorithm care about who they think will “like” your post, it also now has a much bigger focus on timing. With all of these new Insta-changes happening, you need to make sure you’re posting when your target demographic is online.

There are many ways this can be discovered - Instagram insights for example will give you a great idea of when your audience are most active, and it’s totally free.

Once you know when your audience is likely to be scrolling through their feeds, you can tailor your posting to be focused around those specific times.


#4 Solving scrollers

For those avid Instagram fans, if you have scrolled a lot throughout the day, upon revisiting the app, the posts on your feed will appear to be more chronological than those who scroll less. The new algorithm is extremely sensitive to frequency and as a result wants to try  to show you the best posts since your last visit.

Therefore, those who scroll less, are more likely to see posts Instagram thinks they will ‘like’. To get exposure to both the keen and not so keen, posting consistently and frequently is a must.


#5 Cutting out Instagram noise

Depending on how many people you follow, it's unlikely you'll see every single post that gets published to your feed in a day.

In order to focus on the content you want to see for your own brand, mute the users you follow so that you can concentrate on the accounts that matter to you and your business. That way the accounts you want to interact with will be front and centre as soon as you log on!


And that's it!

If you would like to discuss how we can help raise your brands social media platform get in touch with us here at Roland Dransfield, we would be happy to help!

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