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It’s hard to remember living in a world where thoughts weren’t conveyed via the use of a hashtag.




It’s been 10 remarkable years since the 21st century hashtag came into being, so first and foremost, we’d like to say HAPPY BIRTHDAY HASHTAG. You’re a social media marketer’s dream.


What do we really know about the hashtag?

Well, the first ever hashtagged tweet is claimed to be from former Google engineer Chris Messina, when he suggested a hashtag would be a good way to create group messages. He tweeted:

hash tag.jpg

Needless to say, Chris’ idea was a popular one. In the 10 years that have followed, it’s become one of the most recognisable symbols of the digital age, spreading across the entirety of our online world, not just Twitter.


What exactly do hashtags do?

They’re a way of pinpointing a certain topic on social media that other people are tweeting about. Popular trends have a specific hashtag that allow people to find out more information about the topic.

For example, #Hashtag10 is the hashtag being shared all over social media today – go search for it and you’ll find millions of tweets!


What has to happen for a hashtag to become popular?

Hashtags can become popular for a number of reasons:


  • Something great happened on TV: Like poor Madonna’s Brit Awards fall #NoCapes 



  • As a sign of solidarity after widely publicised bad news - #OneLoveManchester



  • When people feel bad about Michelle living in Beyoncé’s shadow #PoorMichelle



But what are the best trending hashtags?

There are countless contenders for the funniest hashtags of all time, but these are our favourites:











So, what’s the most popular hashtag of all time?

We’d like to give you a really great answer to this – personally we’d love it to be #PoorMichelle. Alas, the most popular hashtag of all time is #FF. Yep, follow Friday. By the end of 2016 it had a massive 539 million mentions! People just love a new follower.



Thanks for giving us 10 years of hilarity, community and all-round excellence, hashtag.

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