How to build a successful blog

Posted by Molly Deegan Dec 4, 2020 3:09:17 PM

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Blogs are an incredibly useful tool that can help you develop your online presence, brand awareness and audience engagement, which will in turn grow your business (whether that be you as an individual, or as an organisation). 

They’re a captivating form of content that will be a great website traffic aid, but they can be a little tricky to perfect. To that end, we have collated some top tips and things to consider when trying to create a successful blog. 


Passionate and unique

It’s instrumental when writing a blog that you let your passion shine through. Write about what you love. But, what is simultaneously vital is that your passion is something unique to you. It’s what YOU love, YOUR brand values - not what other people love. That authenticity and originality, coupled with your passionate voice, is the key to success. 


Consider your audience

As with all marketing tools, it is essential that you properly consider your demographic and what they want to hear about. If the people that check out your website are mainly interested in gardening, it might not be wise to do a political piece slamming the latest policies on education - you know?

A piece talking about the government’s latest green initiative encouraging people to garden though, could be perfect. Put yourself in their shoes and think: what would I like to read and learn about? 

Formatting, structure and regularity 

It’s worth reflecting on how appealing and accessible your content appears. If it’s 2000 words, less confident readers may shy away from engaging. If the title is confusing, vague and intimidating, this may make readers wary. If there are no paragraphs and it’s just one long stream of consciousness, this can be bewildering. 

If you only post once every two months, this can be puzzling and off putting. Make sure you create a clear format that you can replicate with every blog post, so your blog posts are always coherent and welcoming. 

Encourage interaction 

To avoid making content for the sake of content, aim to foster a rapport with your audience and encourage interaction with your posts. Whether that be with a comment feature, or an enquiry box, try and make it a two way street. We humans love to feel involved, cherished and listened to, so get listening!

Share it to your socials

We are living in 2020, and social media is everywhere! It’s the best and easiest way to promote yourself and your product, so make sure you're sharing your blog posts to your socials across all platforms - Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and any others that your work is appropriate for.  

This is a wonderful way to garner interest and support for your blog, and expand your audience. 

Images! Images! Images!

In the age of Instagram, it’s imperative your content has loads of fun, attractive images to grab the reader’s eye. Try and make them as high quality as you can, and be sure to include them both in your actual blog posts, and on your landing site. If you can, try adding other exciting content elements like videos, testimonials, links to other relevant websites.

And that’s it

If you would like to discuss your own PR and marketing activity and find a way to pivot your brand effectively over the next few months, get in touch with us at Roland Dransfield and we’ll be able to help you out.

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