How to get the most out of your social media at MIPIM

Posted by Sam Dyson Mar 5, 2019 10:06:00 AM

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As MIPIM 2019 approaches, it’s about time you got your social media plan of action in place in order to enhance your exposure and maximize your new business opportunities.

It has never been more important to implement an effective and engaging social media strategy. Effective use of social media will dramatically boost the attention you gain from potential contacts, allowing you to make relevant connections and share your insights on the biggest property event of the year.

Here are some useful tips to help you get the most out of MIPIM, helping you to keep the pressure at a minimum and the engagement at a maximum.


Know your audience

It is imperative that you know exactly who you are engaging with online to boost the potential outcome. Are you more likely to find your new business targets on Twitter or LinkedIn? Would a direct approach work i.e. speaking to them directly, or will you need to attract them to you through an inbound campaign? Decide this and then tailor your social and content strategy accordingly.

And it should go without saying, but always remember to use a professional tone of voice throughout as MIPIM is a professional conference, and post relevant and interesting content that aligns with the audience being addressed and the topic that you are referring to.



Preparation is key! Be sure to do your research in advance of the event and don’t leave your social media strategy to chance and spontaneity, as this is a recipe for disaster. Three things you should do to help with your research include:

  • Make yourself aware of any relevant hashtags surrounding the event in order to engage with the appropriate audience and drive relevant traffic to your profile
  • Ensure you know when specific events are, so you can join in on conversation at the right time
  • Make a note of any social handles of any relevant speakers you wish to engage with so you can reach out to them pre and post event


Schedule SOME posts in advance

Time to get planning. If you know what you want to say and what you’ll be attending in advance, and your content is ready to go, then get some posts scheduled using some really handy social media management tools. This will take the pressure off at the event and provide you with more time to network and make your physical presence known as well as your online presence.


Create some good content to share

If you’re keen on being seen as an industry expert on all things MIPIM, you may have already started creating some online content, including blog posts, infographics and videos. If you’re hosting these on your website, use your social media to market your content – by using best practice inbound strategies or paid-for boosted content you’ll gain a lot of traffic, increasing business enquires ahead of MIPIM.


Get with the times

As times are changing, so is the face of social media. The last couple of years has seen much more video content being featured on social media platforms, due to its proven engagement drive, boost in traffic and increase in organic impressions.

Similarly, the inception of live video has become particularly common, providing a whole new dimension to online engagement and creating a unique ‘here and now’ feel.

If you aren’t sharing video with your audience, then you aren’t engaging with them in the way they want to be engaged with. Have some original and relevant video content prepared before you set off to Cannes, and then stay alert and grab some exclusive content at the event to boost engagement and enhance your online exposure!


And that’s it!

With 22 years’ experience managing the corporate reputations of property clients through both traditional media and online campaigns, Roland Dransfield has significant expertise in giving property schemes and campaigns the regional and national attention they require.

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