How to grow your social media following organically


No marketing strategy is complete without a comprehensive social media plan, and, whilst paid advertising can give you those instant rewards, growing your following organically is a great way to engage with potential customers, without having to spend a penny. 

Developing a following is no mean feat, and takes a lot of dedication, but if you follow these tips you’ll be on the right track. 


Share quality content  

The most important thing is the content you’re sharing. It’s the glittering storefront that will entice your new followers. Make content that is relevant, unique and engaging for your target audience. 

Your content has got to be so intriguing that it really appeals to the demographic you’re seeking to attract! If you’re stuck for ideas, take a peek at your competitors for some inspiration, but remember it has got to be unique to you. Whether it’s through infographics, videos, snapshots or testimonials, it has got to be as engaging as it possibly can be. 


Use hashtags 

Take advantage of hashtags! They’re a great way of letting new people find your page. You can use up to 30 on each post, so make sure to use them effectively. If you’re stuck for ideas, look up hashtags that your ideal audience users follow, and build up a list of hashtags that your target market follows. 

Also - be wary of using hugely popular hashtags as your post may get lost in a sea of millions of others. So try to use mid-level hashtags, where your post is more likely to feature, and thus gain you more followers. 

Engage with others

Try to create genuine connections with other users by responding and reacting to the content that they push out. By creating a rapport with your followers, you’ll create a more dedicated fan base who are more likely to want to promote you in return. 

Social media algorithms love interactions between users, and will reward you for your dedicated (and real) engagement. Try to be genuine, on-brand and friendly when interacting and, most importantly, enjoy it!


Be consistent 

Algorithms are constantly shifting, but one thing that always seems to remain are algorithms' love for consistency. Make sure you post regularly (if time is an issue, why not use a planner like Hootsuite?), and post at the same time in the day.


Know when to post

Speaking of posting at the same time in the day, make sure you’re picking the optimum time to post, according to when your followers are active. You can check this out by taking a look at your insights. Insights are useful for many other elements too, and are worth checking out to see the amount of interactions you are generating, how well received your content is and the demographic of your followers. Knowledge is power, after all!


Have a goal 

Posting aimlessly is not going to help you at all, so make sure you’ve set out some key goals: is it to gain followers? Is it to convince followers to purchase an item? Is it for brand awareness? 

When evaluating your goal for each post, it’s worth considering whether you want to entertain, inspire, educate or convince them. Whatever your objective, make sure the content really keys into that target. 


Know your audience 

Growing a social media following organically always comes back to this key element: create content that is specifically for your audience. Your social media has got to be targeted, and not just for anyone. People who already have a genuine interest in your field are way more likely to want to share and engage with your content. 


And that's it!

If you’re still feeling lost about how to grow your social media following organically, and how to combine your plan with your overall marketing and branding strategy, get in touch with us at Roland Dransfield and we’ll be able to help you out.

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