Keeping it real: How to position your brand online during COVID-19

Posted by Sam Dyson Apr 7, 2020 10:54:01 AM


In these unprecedented times, it’s more important than ever to remain visible and engaged online. With the majority of the population now working from home and being subject to the household, you are likely to have a lot of eyes on the content you produce.

So, does your messaging reflect your values?

Businesses should maintain, if not enhance their social media presence during this period, by offering helpful solutions, rather than their usual bread and butter promotional messaging. The current news agenda is largely dominated by bad news stories, which escalates peoples’ fear and anxiety. In order to alleviate the collective sense of panic, businesses must share optimistic, useful and value-driven content that’s easy to consume.

Continuing to plug promotional messaging will appear both tasteless and insensitive, so brands must adapt to the current climate and shift their strategies.

Producing light-hearted, quality content that presents some form of reassurance and a sense of normality will go a long way, and offering solutions to grievances will help position your brand as an industry leader – something that will pay off dividends once the COVID crisis has come to an end.

It’s imperative for businesses to offer support and be creative to find new ways of working and interacting online. Many of us will find ourselves at a loose end over the coming weeks and we all need our appetite for education and entertainment fuelling.

This is your opportunity to inject a more human approach into your brand – avoid the blanket terms and corporate messaging, and offer people the help, advice and fun that they need.


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