Marketing and PR: A week in review

Posted by Sam Dyson Feb 18, 2020 4:27:11 PM


In a constantly changing media landscape, it’s more important than ever that public relations and marketing professionals stay on top of their game and keep up-to-date with current trends and industry news.

Here’s a wrap-up of some of this week’s highlights.


UEFA and Disney draw on Incredibles characters to promote physical exercise

UEFA and Disney are encouraging more girls to play football with Playmakers, a storytelling initiative which communicates the fun of physical exercise by encouraging roleplay as popular Incredibles 2 characters such as Elastigirl, Violet and Dash.

This sees the animated Pixar heroes demonstrate teamwork, movement and imagination as part of efforts to build confidence in their young audience by building basic football skills.

Playmakers builds on academic research confirming the powerful role storytelling plays in shaping young minds by nudging inactive 5-8-year-old girls to take up physical activity, with just 16% currently meeting minimum standards as set by the World Health Organisation.

The socially responsible initiative is currently being rolled out across schools, clubs and local communities across Europe. Read more here.


The dangers of generic content for luxury travel brands

“Show, don’t tell” used to be the guiding principle for storytelling, but in an age where cookie-cutter social media campaigns are reaching an overload, maybe we need to revise that to “show less, and tell me something I don’t already know.”

This particularly applies to the world of luxury. Hotels, resorts, fine dining and premium shopping destinations have fully embraced social media over the past decade to help build the brand perception and engage potential guests and shoppers.

This was a smart move. Countless studies illustrate that millennials and Gen Z value experiences over ownership, and this presents a golden opportunity for luxury providers as these demographics accrue wealth.

But brands must understand the shifting trends that can undermine efforts to curate their brand image and marketing on social. It made sense to use social media to promote a lifestyle and heighten the excitement and glamour of luxury experiences.

Learn more about the importance of telling rather than showing here.


'We call it breaking views' – how LinkedIn's growing editorial team shapes its news feed

LinkedIn is very serious about news. It has grown its editorial team to 65, serving 17 markets in nine languages. The potential audience is vast: there are 28 million LinkedIn members in the UK, among 675 million globally. In total, they generated 358bn feed update views last year.

The task of the LinkedIn newsroom is to keep those members coming back to the site to read the stories and topics it publishes in the ‘Today’s News and Views’ column, which appears in the top right of the screen, and in the ‘Daily Rundown’ newsletter which goes out each morning. The content combines smart observations from members with articles shared from other publishers.

Most of all, these editors want to motivate users to post their own comments and articles, bringing forth the deep well of professional expertise which sets apart the LinkedIn user base with those of the other social media platforms.

This is your chance to get your thought leadership seen on a huge scale. Find out more.


Just Eat ups marketing spend by 20% to €153.8m

Food ordering and delivery marketplace Just Eat has boosted its marketing budget by 20%, bringing its total spend to €153.8m for 2019, significantly ahead of the €127.8m reported a year previously.

The jump was still smaller than both order and revenue growth, meaning marketing expenses as a percentage of revenue improved.

A significant portion of the spend went on the roll out of Just Eat's first global campaign last year, which saw the brand pivot away from a focus on convenience to instead capture the simple joy of ordering a takeaway.

So during a time when marketing budgets are being slashed, it pays to know your audience – Just Eat know that the need for a take away is always going to come up trumps.

Is your audience engaged enough for an increased marketing budget? Find out more.


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