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Posted by Molly Deegan Apr 15, 2021 3:38:20 PM


Blogging may seem so 2010, but blogs can still be a great source of information, and with an added personal touch, they make digesting all that knowledge a whole lot more fun. Whilst you might not want to dedicate your time to reading a whole book on a topic, blogs can give you a quick fix so you are up to date. Marketing is a world in which there are constantly new fads that you want to be clued up on, so here are some marketing-focused blogs that will keep you looking like the smartest person in the room.

Girls in Marketing

A platform set up during lockdown, this organisation aims to help girls all across the globe understand and thrive in the marketing industry. It provides short, sweet and easily understandable blog content by women who work in marketing and want to share their knowledge. Girls in Marketing focuses on digital media, but their posts cover everything from App marketing to Paid Social to Search Engine Optimisation.

It’s a one stop shop for knowing all the latest trends, and whilst it may seem pink and fluffy on the outside, it’s packed full of great information. And don’t worry if you’re male, trans or non binary, this information is useful for all!


Hubspot’s blog is an inbound movement that is a brilliant resource for marketers.They have blog posts on a whole host of topics that are all succinctly written with the most up to date knowledge. A great feature of the blog is that with each post an approximate reading time is provided, so if you only have 5 minutes before your next meeting and want to brush up on something, you know you can fit it in!

Adam Enfroy

With 500,000 monthly readers this amazing blog details how to shift from blogger to business owner, scale your blog like a startup and make money. He really gets into the details, so you’ll find some real technical information that you can instantly apply to your work. 


As the company blog for Adobe’s digital marketing automation software, Marketo is really unique as it’s expertise is gained from working right at the centre of the digital marketing industry. Their knowledge is unparalleled, and whilst it might not be the most aesthetically pleasing blog out there, it is certainly one of the most interesting. 


If you’re a copywriter or work in content marketing, this blog is essential. Brian Clark and Sonia Simone are the brains behind the blog, and from them you’ll gleam all the best strategies and tips that will make you infinitely better at what you do. 

Marie Forleo 

Marie Forleo is an entrepreneur and writer, whose blog is a delicious mix of her infectious optimism, intriguing interviews, and business related blog posts. If you’re not much of a reader, she also hosts a podcast where she shares actionable strategies for greater success and happiness. 

So there you have it...

Hopefully some of those blogs have caught your fancy, and will aid you in continuing your marketing journey and expanding your knowledge. If you would like to discuss your own PR and marketing activity and find a way to use social media effectively, get in touch with us at Roland Dransfield and we’ll be able to help you out.


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