Marketing your brand in Manchester: Influencers and Advocates

Posted by Damian Leonard Sep 28, 2017 11:45:19 AM

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A fantastic way to get your brand name well known in Manchester is by getting influencers and advocates onboard.

Utilising social influencers and brand advocates will massively increase the reach of your audience, and you can specifically choose the type of influencers you use to ensure they’re in-keeping with your target audiences’ ideals.

In this blog, we’ll be taking a look at exactly what influencers, advocates and sponsors are, and how to use them to market your brand in Manchester.


Social influencers

In the current digital age, we can’t say enough about the influence bloggers and social media personalities have over our customers’ decisions.

If you’re a new fashion company who’s north-shored to Manchester, for example, a fool proof way to really market your brand is through social influencers.

A great example would be Zoella, a young fashion-vlogger from Brighton who’s become an online sensation with more than 11 million followers - after mentioning a Topshop blusher in one of her blog posts, there was a 40% click through rate to the brand’s site.

The power of influencer marketing will in no doubt get your brand known – you just need to know which influencers to target within your area.


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Getting your name seen in all the right places is a sure-fire way to drum up business in Manchester and promote your brand.

If, for example, you’re a sports agency and you want to be on the radar of sports enthusiasts in Manchester, you could sponsor a popular sporting event.

By partnering up with the likes of The Offside Trust charity football event or the annual Great City Games in Deansgate, you could have your name on both on and offline marketing collateral and be seen by the vast majority of your target audience.

Teaming up with an organisation who holds the key to a lot of potential business will really help you become a brand name.


Run in the right circles

You should never underestimate the power of word of mouth – referrals are a fantastic way to attract new business and get your company known.

An easy and tried and tested method for this could be:

  • Meet people at networking events or corporate socials
  • Chat to them about your business and your offering
  • Get their email address and keep in contact

Keeping in contact is the key. By forming a relationship with key people in the business community, they’ll be more inclined to refer you to their own contacts and serve as an unofficial brand advocate!

Be your own brand advocate, and then recruit others to spread the word of your business. Simple.


And that’s it!

Utilising brand advocates and influencers is a fantastic way to market your brand in Manchester.

If you’re north-shoring and have any queries about finding the right influencers within your industry in Manchester, download our brand new ebook and find out exactly how to market your brand in the city.

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