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Posted by Damian Leonard Aug 30, 2017 11:00:50 AM

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Manchester is the UK’s hottest property right now. With the influx of businesses north shoring and leap shoring, as well as the huge digital growth of our city, there’s never been a more opportunistic time to move to Manchester and begin marketing your brand here.

There are several key ways for you to market your brand in Manchester, however one of the quickest and most effective ways is via social media.

Here are the main rules you should follow to get your brand right in the palms of your target audiences’ hands.


Follow the Manchester social giants

If there’s one way to make sure you’re staying up-to-date on all things Manchester and getting seen in the right circles, it’s by following key Manchester social accounts.

Not only will you find out necessary Manchester-centred information which may well form the basis of your campaign, but there’s a stronger chance you’ll increase your reach if you’re engaging with these popular accounts, all of which have followers in the 1000s.

We’ve collated a list of the key accounts you should be following to get your marketing off to the right start. Get it from our latest eBook, right here.


Find your target audience

It’s important that you target the right social accounts in Manchester if you want to north shore and market your brand – there’s no point in just following anyone in the hope that they follow you back. You need to have a database of key accounts that will be interested in your brand.

For example, if you’re trying to market a new commercial office space, your initial follower strategy should include Manchester-based businesses and decision makers. These accounts will have an active interest in office space in Manchester and could be looking into a larger, more dynamic and modern space.

To get this follower strategy off to a great start, we suggest using Audiense. This will allow you to pinpoint the best accounts to follow based on any filter that relates to your target audience.


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Popular Manchester trends

Another way to market your brand after north shoring to Manchester is to jump on popular local and national trends to increase your brand awareness. Local trends are important as these are the ones that will attract a more targeted audience-base, whilst national trends generate a wider audience-base.

Manchester is a city that really doesn’t stop, so there are going to be constant trends to jump on – from MIPIM and MIF to Manchester Day and Manchester’s Food & Drink Festival.

By taking part in these city-wide events, whether it’s by setting up a stand or organising a fun stunt which you can share across your social channels, you’ll get your brand in front of a huge audience.

The same rules go for national trends. For example, if you’re a new restaurant in the city centre, you can jump on an endless amount of national trends such as #AfternoonTeaWeek and #NationalBurgerDay. Both of these national days fell in just one month, giving you the opportunity to generate a lot of traffic by jumping on these huge trends and maybe even offering a special deal for your customers.


Paid social advertising

If you want to reach an incredibly targeted, bespoke audience within a certain distance then paid social advertising is what you need. Depending on your budget, you can have your brand seen by everyone within your filtered range who’s on Facebook within a very short space of time.

As an example, if you’re a new residential development who’s north shored to Manchester and you’re looking for tenants, you can create targeted Facebook advertising that targets any professional between the age of 21-35 within a 10-mile radius of Manchester. This will create massive brand awareness for your development, and increase the chance of securing new tenants.

We’re actively in the midst of a huge digital marketing revolution in which organic posting just doesn’t cut it anymore. To get the attention and ROI your brand deserves, you need to put money behind paid social advertising.

To find out more, read our blog about social media advertising for your property sales strategy.


And that’s it!

Are you ready to north shore to Manchester and start marketing your brand? We hope our blog has helped you focus your marketing efforts and given you a taste of what to expect. For some extra help, download our brand new ebook about how to market your brand in Manchester.

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