Our 3 favourite non-Christmas campaigns of November


Whilst November is normally the key month to push your Christmas messaging and campaigns, some brands took the time to highlight important issues, orchestrate change and make people laugh.

Here are our top non-Christmassy campaigns of November!


World Aids Day

The World Aids Day campaign this year provides us with a new take on the red ribbon and features a Stephen Fry voice over and Childish Gambino’s choreographer Sherrie Silver. This ‘Rock The Ribbon’ ad is to remind us to show our support for those living with aids.

To commemorate the 30th anniversary of World Aids Day, the National Aids Trust (NAT) has revamped its message to help destigmatise the red awareness ribbon. The creators of the campaign have utilised a great marketing technique here by using a profession that you wouldn’t normally align with to promote your message.

We think it’s a fantastic way to update the ribbon’s use of awareness.

Take a look below!



Over 1 billion people in the world have some form of disability, that's 1 in 7. It can affect all us at any time in our lives.

Channel 4 have been encouraging businesses all around the UK to support their #PurpleLightUp campaign, which urges businesses to help disabled employees and create fresh conversations across the network that will bring people together.

We couldn’t support this campaign more. Get further information and learn how you can back Purple Space and Channel 4’s mission here!



The Spotify “Wrapped 2018” advertising campaign is back for another year, and needless to say, it’s absolutely incredible.

Their annual “wrapped” campaign is so popular that it’s back again for a third year, showcasing the weird and whacky listening behaviour of its subscribers.

One of our particular favourites was “In the year of the royal wedding celebrations, let’s also toast the fact that someone made a playlist called ‘it’s the royal wedding tomorrow!!!’ 22 days after the royal wedding took place.”

Exceptional. Shareable. Hilarious.

Keep up the good work, Spotify!


And that’s it!
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