Social media and PR: A Q&A with our Social & Content Manager


Because working with each other simply isn’t enough, we thought we’d it would be fun to have some quick-fire interviews in the office – pick a topic, pick a person and go!

So first up, we sat with our Social & Content Manager, Damian Leonard, to gather his thoughts on how the introduction of social media has transformed the PR industry. Let’s see what he had to say.


EG: So, let’s start with the basics - what social media platforms do you utilise for clients on a daily basis?

DL: We pretty much use the key four - Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn & Instagram. We look after roughly 25 client’s social media platforms on a daily basis, so it’s a constant rotation of community management.


EG: Do you believe the introduction of social media has changed the way in which brands communicate with their target audience?

DL: Definitely, now they have immediate access to their entire target audience – it’s the dream. They can speak to them whenever they want, showcase the best of their brand for free, sell for free. Their whole audience is at their fingertips.

They can also utilise social media as their very own customer service platform, as communication can happen in real time.


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EG: Do you think the PR and marketing industry has benefited from the introduction of social media platforms such as Twitter?

DL: Yeah 100%. No matter what you’re trying to promote, the people who you want to see your message are a lot more accessible now. Before you had to go through print or television advertising with a lot of additional costs whereas now target audiences can be reached on several platforms - mostly for free. It also opens that direct line of communication that didn’t exist before.

Obviously the continuously changing algorithms across social media now mean that it’s harder for your organic content to be seen, but with some well targeted paid campaigns, you could still see very quick results with little spend.


EG: In your opinion how important is it for brands to integrate social media into their marketing and PR strategies?

DL: It’s definitely important - when we pitch for new business we always make sure there’s a strong social media focus regardless of the business or industry. A brand without a social media presence may as well not exist. If I went to search for a brand I was interested in, I wouldn’t Google their website, I’d be looking for their social media pages. If they don’t exist then I generally lose interest and they lose a potential customer.


EG: Do you think social media could ever fully replace traditional forms of media?

DL: If we’re talking about online news that we consume via social media VS your traditional newspaper then yes, definitely. I could see newspapers dying out within the next 15-20 years if not sooner. I have never bought a newspaper and consume most of my news through social media sites – everything I need to know is in my pocket.


EG: Enlightening as ever, thanks Damian!

DL: Pleasure’s all mine Ell.


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