Social media for property: which platforms should I use?

Posted by Damian Leonard Jun 6, 2018 11:37:38 AM

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Social media for property

It is a given that, in today’s society, building your business’ online presence will kick start your journey to success and lead you well on your way to a thriving property scheme in a busy Manchester market.

Price comparison site, GoCompare, claims that Manchester is currently the best city in the UK to invest in real estate, so property investors are already at an advantage in this field. However, without marketing your property scheme effectively on social media, you can really hider your business’ success.

With an abundance of different social platforms, it can be very difficult knowing how to build up your presence in each place effectively.

In this blog we will look at a variety of social platforms such as Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn and Facebook, to understand what specifically sets them apart from one another and how they can be used successfully to maximise the credibility and popularity of your commercial property scheme. It is important to note that these social platforms attract different users and therefore must provide appropriate content for each of these audiences.



Facebook and Twitter

These social networks allow you simply to reach out and make connections, and they’re particularly great for establishing contacts. This may be with local businesses, brands, property developers, or even your customers. For example, as well as posting development updates to show the progression of your property schemes, you can say hello to your neighbours, chat to tenants and really develop a personality – all of this will help embed your scheme into its new neighbourhood!

These forms of network appear to define what social media is all about, but they are by no means the only useful platforms available to you.



LinkedIn is the perfect way for any commercial development to find potential occupiers. This can be done simply by sharing new and exciting updates surrounding the project or showcasing the USPs of the development.

To really put a rocket behind it though, LinkedIn advertising can be utilised to ensure your posts land directly on the right news feeds - aka your target audience. You know what your ideal occupiers are looking for, so choose your key USPs and put money behind these posts to increase the potential of making a sale.



Whilst Instagram is just as much a ‘social’ network, its purpose is primarily for sharing media content – you can boost your brand awareness and audience engagement by posting photos and videos that will spike the interest of your target audience.

Some of the key features Instagram offers to really let you run free with your content include:

  • Photo posting
  • Video posting
  • Instagram stories
  • Live Instagram stories
  • Boomerangs

Mix up your content and keep things interesting for your audience!


Are you ready to get social?

Social media for property - there's more to it than you thought isn't there? If you need help with your own property-related social media efforts or would like to discuss other PR and marketing activities, get in touch with us at Roland Dransfield and we’ll be able to help you out.

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