The 3 best marketing campaigns of the month


One of the best ways to get your brand some great exposure is through a well-executed marketing campaign. Regardless of your industry, our increasingly online and digital world allows you the opportunity to market your product, sell your service, or amp up your brand awareness via some creative thinking!

This month we’ve seen some exceptional examples of how to do marketing campaigns well. For us, these are the 3 best marketing campaigns of the month.


The North Face – Never Stop Exploring

Ready to go on an adventure?

The North Face’s ‘Never Stop Exploring’ campaign is encouraging a new generation of explorers to consider going on their own adventure, and be open to the idea of exploration as ‘a state of mind’.

The inspirational global video series features a range of musicians, athletes and activists who are exploring their own identities and capabilities.

The North Face is normally used as active wear, so the brand turning this on its head and focusing on exploration of the mind is a super smart marketing idea. Great work!

Check out one of the videos below.




Olay – We are never ‘too’ anything

“We’ve all been told we’re too something. Too emotional. Too ambitious. Too strong. In the same breath, we’ve been told we aren’t enough.”

Olay’s beautiful new marketing campaign sheds a light on the negative connotations that come with being ‘too’ something – particularly when you’re a woman. ‘Too’ makes positive traits seem excessive, unnecessary. Olay, with the help of some well-known faces, are demanding that people stop dampening womens’ personality traits – the things that make them unique.

We are never ‘too’ anything. Watch it here:





Diesel – Hate Couture

Diesel’s latest campaign aims to tackle online bullying – so we’re already onside.

Branded ‘Hate Couture’, the campaign has brought in heavyweight stars including Nicki Minaj and Bella Thorne to star in a viral video in which they wear clothing with abuse that they have received online written on it.

Certainly one that will strike a chord with people from all walks of life, the company will be selling specific garments featured in the campaign, with money going to a number of anti-bullying and cyberbullying programs in different countries around the world. Take a look!





What were your favourites?

Those are our favourite marketing campaigns from the past month, what are yours? Let us know on TwitterLinkedInInstagram or Facebook!

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