Three ways to improve your online presence as a landlord in Manchester

improve your online presence as a landlord in manchester

This month it was announced that Manchester has officially been named the best city to be a landlord in the UK.

Leading price comparison site GoCompare ranked cities across the country based on criteria like average property price and rental yields, housing supply and rental price growth, and Manchester has come out on top.

So, whilst price and supply are in good shape, we want to make sure landlords give themselves the best possible chance to thrive online – whether that’s through a social media presence, content, or a fully-fledged digital campaign.

Let’s take a look at three great ways to improve your online presence as a landlord in Manchester.


Develop a content strategy

What makes your development special? What will help it stand out from its competitors in Manchester and make potential tenants stop and take notice?

Sit with your team and choose your most effective USPs and then break these ideas down into fun content ideas. For example, if you’re a residential developer and you’re keen to find people to move into your building, your content could consist of:

  • Five best places to get lunch beside ***(insert name of your development)
  • Video blog: A day in the life of a *** tenant
  • *** - the number one pet-friendly apartments in Manchester (could include video content of the dogs that already live there)

The content options are endless, and these will really help to improve your online presence as a landlord in Manchester. Find out more by reading our recent journal entry about creating the perfect content strategy for your property scheme.


Create a social media presence

Now that you have a bank of content to use, and know what your key USPs are, it’s time to really populate your social media channels.

If you’re a residential landlord we’d recommend Twitter, Facebook and Instagram, if you’re a commercial landlord we’d recommend Twitter and LinkedIn. Whilst you’re here, you could read our recent blog about using LinkedIn to secure pre-lets.

To build your social media presence make sure you’re following individuals who fit your target demographic – this includes location, age range, job title. A quick way to weed out your target list is through Audiense – this great piece of software allows you to identify relevant audiences and discover actionable insights.

So now that you know which platforms your using and how to create a healthy follower count, start pushing out your content, interacting with your followers and watch your brand’s awareness skyrocket.


Invest in online advertising

The final frontier of your digital presence – online advertising allows you to best utilise your social media pages and killer content to maximise your reach and increase enquiries to your development.

What you need to do is:

  • Choose the platform that you wish to advertise on – ideally Facebook for residential builds and LinkedIn for commercial developments
  • Choose the content that you wish to push out – this content should highlight your key USPs and really incentivise individuals to get in touch
  • Define your targeting – our blog about best practice Facebook advertising for your property strategy should help you out with this one!

Put some budget behind your adverts, choose the time period you want them to run, and watch enquiries roll in. If you need help with your social media advertising, just give us a call!


And that’s it!

These are just some top-line ideas to improving your online presence as a landlord in Manchester. There’s so much to go at, and a whole world of digital and content marketing to make the most of.

If you need help with your own property-related online presence or would like to discuss other PR and marketing activities, get in touch with us at Roland Dransfield and we’ll be able to help you out.

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