Complaining has become a lot easier of late. It doesn’t seem that long ago when getting something off your chest consisted of a stern letter being furiously assembled on a typewriter, followed by an angry walk to the nearest letterbox.


    Now times have changed and the role that social platforms like Facebook and Twitter play in the complaints process means there’s an increased pressure to respond in a magnanimous manner.

    The instantaneous nature of these new technologies has enabled consumers to take a step back from the somewhat soulless and streamlined automation and hierarchies that had previously governed the complaints process in recent years.

    The dawn of digital has facilitated a reversion to more natural behaviours – talking directly to company representatives and amplifying the power of word of mouth, as well as making evidence of bad complaints handling practically indelible.

    Opting to buy a house is one of the most important decisions a consumer is likely to make and it's no surprise that it's not taken lightly. As with virtually every purchase these days, reams of online research will be carried out when looking into a new build or specific developer. And if their digital profile is hopelessly tarnished, trust can be lost – along with a potential sale.

    In this article, we’ll look at some of the worst responses to new builds on social media and see what we can learn from the way the developer in question handled the complaint.

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