What I think of social media: The thoughts of a 22-year-old

Posted by Anna Duxbury Jul 23, 2019 5:30:25 PM

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This week we were lucky enough to bring Anna into Roland Dransfield for a bit of work experience. Anna’s in the throes of university, working part time and socialising the rest – she falls right into the target audience of many of our clients.

As such, we thought we’d get her opinion on the four key social media platforms – which does she use, and for what end goal? Are there any platforms that she steers clear of entirely? Let's find out!



I see Facebook as a more personal form of social media, somewhere you post candid photos with your family and friends, exposing a more personal aspect of your life. It’s a place that helps me keep my loved ones updated with what I’m doing and share moments in real-time.

I remember how popular it was before Instagram took over – I used it all the time. However, our parents eventually discovered it and it seemingly overnight became more popular with the older generation - the younger generation’s attention slowly shifted to Instagram.

It was suspected in 2018 that 3 million under-25s in the UK and US either deactivated their accounts or stopped using them altogether - many saying they felt their parents were watching them. It had its moment in the sun as a *social* network, but I think its days are numbered.

I do however like how it’s grown to cater for businesses – allowing users to create business profiles, share advertisements and sponsored content, and even utilise buy and sell pages. It seems like a really useful tool in that respect.



Unlike Twitter and Facebook, Instagram is a more visual space, allowing us to view videos and images get our creative juices flowing. The introduction of filters and pre-sets have given users the opportunity to create their own ‘brand style’ – something which other social platforms lack.

To me, it’s important to remember that Instagram is aspirational - I often use it as an escape from reality. Instagram allows us to show our “highlights” and filter our lives. I know from my own Instagram feed that it is not necessarily a true reflection of my everyday life but more of a filtered version of my happiest moments. I think other people my age need to remember that too.

In terms of business, it’s hard not to notice the takeover from fashion and make-up giants – Instagram is the perfect social media channel for these industries, sharing their beautiful new lines with ease.



Twitter is something that I use purely for entertainment – it’s a haven for memes!

Television, current events and pop culture are heavily discussed on Twitter, making it super popular for people my age. I see it as a place to amuse myself, rather than a place to stay abreast of news or follow businesses.

Despite my own personal use of Twitter, there are many professional accounts, and people do use it for business. It allows businesses to share news or articles that may interest their audience, as well as discuss current events with their audience. It’s a cool way of interacting on a more casual level.



LinkedIn for me is purely a place for business. It’s something I would use professionally and seriously; sharing only relevant professional articles or images. Admittedly, it’s a space that I probably don’t use enough - somewhere that if used as intended could benefit my professional career.


And that’s it!

Facebook was probably the first social channel that changed the way I interact with people – moving into an online world – but as time moves on so do peoples’ interests. 

Instagram seems to be the go-to social media platform, with Facebook taking a supporting role and LinkedIn really making a name for itself as a business behemoth. And Twitter, well, I still enjoy the memes.


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